Race Face Race Face Half Nelson Lock On Grips Black

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Experience optimal performance right from the get-go with the Race Face Half Nelson Lock On Grips. They're designed to give you that well-used, super tacky thin feel straight out of the box, enhancing your biking experience whilst ensuring supreme grip security. No need to break them in – these grips are ready to hit the trails as soon as you are.

Made to prioritize performance without sacrificing comfort, the Half Nelson Lock On Grips are light as a feather, weighting only 92.5g. In spite of being lightweight, these grips are durable, rugged, and built to weather even the harshest of ride conditions – perfectly embodying the Race Face ethos.

The super slim, low profile design of the Half Nelson Lock On Grips offers a sleek aesthetic without compromising functionality. Whether you're conquering challenging XC trails, mastering AM routes, or shredding your way down a DH track, these grips will ensure your ride is as smooth as silk.

What sets the Half Nelson Lock On Grips apart is Race Face's unique and proprietary super tacky VEXY compound. This soft yet tough material significantly improves the grip, allowing for precise control and unrivalled riding confidence.

Constructed with Race Face's exclusive MX style half waffle design, the grips also feature topographic moisture channels. This special feature aids in wicking away water and sweat, ensuring a slip-resistant contact point at all times, no matter how hot the action gets.

So do away with the tedious break-in period and enjoy immediate high-performance right out of the box with the Race Face Half Nelson Lock On Grips. Streamlined, secure, and seconds ahead – everything you could want in a grip.

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