System EX Multi-purpose Lithium Grease

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Discover the power of high-quality, paraffin-based Multi-purpose Lithium Grease from the trusted brand, System EX. Designed with versatility in mind, this product is a reliable solution to keep your bike components working smoothly whilst also extending their longevity.

This grease is brimming with anti-wear additives that can help ensure a more durable and resilient performance from your bike. It effortlessly repels water and functions as an effective rust inhibitor, promising your bike components are always safeguarded against harsh weather or conditions.

Exceptionally stable even under high-temperature conditions, the System EX's grease is perfect for lubricating various bike parts like pedals, hubs, bottom brackets, headsets and cables. Its low friction formula significantly reduces wear and tear, offering your bike a smoother and more efficient performance.

The application is utterly straightforward. It's compatible with System EX Grease Guns for a quick and clean application, but you can also apply it manually if preferred. Opt for the System EX Multi-purpose Lithium Grease, a must-have bicycle accessory that provides excellent lubrication and reliable protection.

  • Paraffin-based grease with anti-wear additives.
  • Water-repellent and rust-inhibitive.
  • Remains stable even at high temperatures.
  • Perfect for lubricating pedals, hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, and cables.
  • Easy to apply with System EX Grease Guns or by hand.
  • Long-lasting formula reduces wear and promotes smoother performance.

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