Zefal Pulse B2 Bottle Cage

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Experience the pinnacle of hydration convenience with the 'Zefal Pulse B2 Bottle Cage'. Melding two varying materials for performance and ease, this bottle cage is the smart accessory every bike needs.

The core of the cage is engineered using a strengthened composite structure, purposefully designed to baffle vibrations and ensure your bottle is retained even in the most rugged terrains. Meanwhile, the exterior shines with its technopolymer resin material, offering an irresistible lustre and flexibility to facilitate easier usage.

  • A feather-light companion weighing a mere 30g - outshining even its carbon counterparts!
  • Expertly combines resistant, rigid material in the centre with a lightweight and bendable exterior.
  • Enables hassle-free bottle insertion and extraction.
  • Exhibits versatility by adapting to different bottle diameters.
  • Built using a technopolymer resin and a reinforced composite material for added durability.

In dedication to providing you with the highest level of quality, 'Zefal' conducts regular and stringent testing on their bottle cages. They ensure a design that not only allows for effortless handling but also guarantees superior bottle retention to prevent any accidental drops or shakes.

But don't just take our word for it, check out this rave review from RoadCC here:

Upgrade your cycling experience with the 'Zefal Pulse B2 Bottle Cage'. Regardless of terrain, ride, or speed, your hydration is always within reach!

Zefal Pulse B2 Bottle Cage - Cyan Blue

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