Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry Conditions Lube 130ml

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A chain lube specifically designed for dry and dusty riding conditions in the UK, the Chain Juice Dry Conditions Lube by Juice Lubes is a hard wearing dry lube that ensures a cleaner and quieter chain. The lubricating element is enclosed in a thin touch dry film that does not attract dirt, resulting in a chain that runs smoothly. Here are some key points about the Chain Juice Dry Conditions Lube:- Very thin consistency with extreme penetrating capability- Leaves little residue on the external visible part of the chain- Limited water resistance (as indicated by the name)**Instructions:**1. Unscrew nozzle and pierce security seal.2. Re-attach nozzle and open flow valve slightly to avoid over application.3. Thoroughly degrease chain before application (consider using Dirt Juice Super Gnarl).4. Apply a couple of layers of Chain Juice Dry with 2 minutes between each layer.5. Do not expect to see a thick oily residue on the chain.By following these instructions, you can ensure optimal performance of your chain with the Chain Juice Dry Conditions Lube.

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