High 5 High5 Energy Gel x6 40g

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Stay energised during your cycling adventures with the High5 Energy Gel. Its delightful taste and optimal carb delivery make it the perfect training partner for both intense and endurance workouts.

The High5 Energy Gel has a light, smooth consistency that allows easy ingestion even while on the go. Interestingly enough, it's made with natural fruit juice, so not only is it refreshing, but it also has a fantastic taste!

  • Each sachet provides a substantial 23g of carbohydrate energy - perfect for keeping you going.
  • Leave jitters behind as this energy gel is caffeine-free.
  • Have a refreshing training burst with its real fruit juice content.
  • It's a suitable energy source for vegetarians and vegans.
  • You get 6 x 40g Gels per pack - lasting you multiple rides.
  • For optimal results, take this gel BEFORE and DURING exercise.

Let's keep the environment clean; remember to take your empty gel wrappers with you post-use.

Should you choose High5 Energy Gel or Energy Gel Aqua?

Both options serve you equally well; it depends on your personal preference. The Energy Gel Aqua has a thinner consistency - a midpoint between a drink and a gel. However, Energy Gel has less weight and bulk making it simpler to carry in larger quantities.


Simply tear the sachet's top and consume the gel straight from it. Take any less than three sachets every hour during exercise, especially if you're utilising a sports drink as well.

Remember, in any physical activity, staying hydrated is essential. We highly recommend pairing this product with ZERO for best results.

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