High 5 High5 Energy Gel Aqua x5 66g

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Experience an energy boost like no other with High5 Energy Gel Aqua. This unique formulation efficiently delivers much-needed carbohydrates directly to your muscles during exercise, helping you push your limits and perform at your best. Unlike most energy gels, High5 Energy Gel doesn't require additional water, making it a convenient and fuss-free option.

This energy-boosting gel strikes a perfect balance between a gel and a sports drink, offering an incredibly light and refreshing consistency. It's a fantastic choice for beginners trying out energy gels for the first time, thanks to its easy-to-open packaging and easily consumable format. Each sachet delivers 23g of carbohydrate energy, providing a substantial boost when you need it the most.

  • Delivers 23g of carbohydrate energy per sachet
  • Caffeine-free formulation
  • Offers a light and refreshing taste with real juice flavours
  • Ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans
  • 5 x 66g Gels per package

Whether you're running, cycling, or hitting the gym, High5 Energy Gel Aqua is designed to be consumed BEFORE and DURING exercise, ensuring you always have the energy you need to succeed.

We also care about the environment and urge you to dispose of your gel wrappers responsibly after use.

Energy Gel or Energy Gel Aqua?

While both gels feed your body's energy needs, your choice boils down to personal preference. The High5 Energy Gel Aqua has a lighter consistency, making it easier to consume. On the other hand, our Energy Gel is lighter in weight, making it more convenient to carry in larger volumes.

How to Use:

Just tear off the sachet's top and consume the gel straight from the sachet. You can consume up to three sachets per hour during exercise, fewer if you're also using a sports drink.

Remember, staying hydrated during exercise is crucial, hence we recommend using this product alongside ZERO.

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