Clif Bar ShotEnergyGel

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Unlock your potential with the ShotEnergyGel by Clif Bar, your perfect partner for enhanced athletic performance. This rapid-energy formula provides athletes with an efficient fuel source for those high-intensity racing and training sessions. Get energised with ease and put more strength into each stride, without slowing your pace.

ShotEnergyGel has been expertly crafted with performance in mind, containing essential carbohydrates to ensure your body functions at its best during strenuous activity. Its exceptional composition makes it a fitting choice for any athlete seeking an immediate energy boost.

Brought to you in two invigorating flavours that contain caffeine (Citrus and Double Espresso), your palate is in for a treat too. Each caddie includes 24 gels, providing you with plenty of fuel to push your boundaries further.

Eco-conscious athletes will also appreciate our eco-friendly Litter Leash Packaging, reflecting Clif Bar's commitment to environmental sustainability.

So why choose the ShotEnergyGel from Clif Bar? With fewer ingredients than most other gels in the market, it gives the modern athlete a straightforward, fast-acting energy source. Our formula includes maltodextrin and dried cane syrup to avoid overloading your system with unnecessary elements that don't directly enhance performance.

To make the most of the ShotEnergyGel, we recommend consuming one packet 15 minutes prior to activity, followed by 2-3 packets per hour during activity. This ensures constant and consistent energy support for your needs.

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Charge up with Clif Bar’s ShotEnergyGel and experience the tangible difference in your performance. Trust in Clif Bar; give your body the edge it deserves.

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