Finish Line Chill Zone 12 oz Aerosol (360 ml)

  Sorry! Finish Line Chill Zone 12 oz Aerosol (360 ml) is no longer available.

Finish Line Chill Zone 12 oz Aerosol (360 ml)



Chill Zone is engineered to free up seized partsA spray designed to get rid of rust, cold welding or loosen any stuck componentsThis formulation combines a penetrating oil, with a chemical that gives an exothermic reaction, cooling the part rapidly to -40 degrees Celsius, causing the metal to contract rapidlyThis chilling process creates micro cracks in the corrosion, allowing a release agent to penetrate and loosen up the rusted seized part leading to rust to flake off, and for seized parts to become un-seizedBefore giving up on seized crank bolts and pedals, or rusted chains and derailleurs, or frozen-in-place seat posts give Chill Zone a shotYou have to try it to believe itChill Zone Leaves behind lubricant and rust inhibitors to protect parts from further corrosionNo odour formula

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