Elite Custom Race Plus resin cage black / red

From £11.99

Presenting the pinnacle of professional cycling - the 'Custom Race Plus resin cage'. An improvement on its globally renowned predecessor, the 'Custom Race', this product from Elite has once again set the standard for top-tier cyclists worldwide. For years, more than half of the competitors in the Tour De France have chosen Elite's designs, a testament to their unparalleled quality and performance.

Elite spent 2014 and 2015 fostering close relationships with valued athletes to source detailed input on how the 'Custom Race' could be elevated to even greater heights. The result? 'Custom Race Plus', an optimised innovation implementing meticulous attention to detail.

Enhancements include a larger tension rubber and realignment, effectively eliminating the 'bottle creep' that occasionally affected previous designs, particularly in unwelcome weather. The innovatively reshaped sides allow for heightened flexibility during bottle insertion and remove any binding during removal.

This nifty accessory weighs a mere 38 grams, ensuring minimal impact on your ride, regardless of the distance. Like all Elite products, the 'Custom Race Plus resin cage' is made with heartfelt pride in Italy. Simply put, it's an indispensable companion for any serious cyclist.

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