Lezyne - LED - Lithium Battery 8 PACK - 700mAh - Femto

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Whether you're a night rider seeking security, a long distance bicycle traveller, or simply an everyday commuter, our high-performing Lezyne LED Rechargeable Battery 2400Mah is specifically designed to extend your bicycle light's run time, giving you peace and clarity on your journey. This powerful battery is adaptable with Lezyne's Power Drive XL and Super Drive XL LED lights, empowering you with versatile lighting features and the confidence to extend your night rides.

Feel at ease with the equipped "Infinite Light" feature which allows you to interchange batteries as required, meaning you'll never have to worry about dwindling light on your nighttime rides. We understand the importance of durability in outdoor equipment, the battery housing boasts an impressive waterproof CNC alloy casing with robust rubber end caps, protecting your investment from the elements.

The Lezyne rechargeable battery is of type 18650, offering a substantial 2400Mah power, 3.7V voltage, and protected by a 2 Amp circulation shield. This battery addition shines a new light on your ride, allowing you to explore further and longer while maintaining the brilliance of your path and the safety of your journey.

To heighten your cycling experience, this product also comes included as part of the highly coveted XL "Loaded" box sets. So why wait? Illuminate your ride with the power of Lezyne today.

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