ODI Zen Single Ply Grips 143mm soft yet durable Black, Purple, Blue or Red

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Hit the streets in style with ODI's Zen Single Ply Grips. These premium bike grips blend functionality and style to deliver superb control and comfort for riders. Depend on these grips for myriad urban adventures, from daring stair drops to leisurely rides to your local corner shop.

In response to the needs and preferences of top-ranked fixed gear freestyle riders across the globe, these grips have been engineered with numerous traction trigger points. Combined with a robust yet tacky compound, they ensure unyielding grip and long-lasting usage. If visually striking as well as practical gear is your go-to, then these Zen Grips will seamlessly fit into that preference. They radiate sleekness thanks to their artful design.

Dedicated to pushing the limits of grip technology, ODI leans into its expertise whilst always prioritizing the rider's comfort and control. The Zen Single Ply Grips are a testament to this approach.

  • Comes in the handy size of 143mm length
  • Includes re-usable velcro straps for easier installation
  • Offered with 2-colour ODI end plugs for added value and style
  • Available in multiple colourways: black, purple, blue, or red.

Embrace the fusion of art and science with these ODI Zen Grips and experience heightened form and function on every ride.

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