Topeak JoeBlow Race

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Introducing the exceptional Topeak JoeBlow Race bicycle pump, the reliable companion to every cyclist! This high-performing pump offers an exceptional inflation power of up to 200 psi, ideal for all types of bicycles, providing the perfect pressure for your cycle ride.

The JoeBlow Race features a slim, solid steel barrel designed for high-pressure pumping. This ensures strength and durability, making it an excellent long-term investment. Plus, it's not just about stability; our pump provides quick and easy inflation saving your time and energy for the ride ahead.

Comfort is key when it comes to bicycle maintenance. As such, the oversized handle is ergonomically designed for a secure grip, ensuring smooth and comfortable pumping. The SmartHead™ connector, an outstanding feature of the pump, automatically adjusts to fit Presta and Schrader valves, making it truly versatile.

The bike pump sports a 120cm extra-long hose, providing the flexibility you need to reach tyres without unnecessary strain. The air bleed button allows for precise pressure setting, ensuring your tyres are inflated to the exact measurement. Never second-guess your tyre pressure thanks to the easy-to-read top-mount 200 psi gauge.

Included in the package are ball and air bladder needles, allowing the JoeBlow Race pump to be multi-purpose. Inflate not only your bicycle tyres but also sports balls and inflatable toys. It's more than just a bike pump!

Optimise your cycling experience with the Topeak JoeBlow Race bike pump - Where power, precision, and versatility meet.

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