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Introducing the GFR1, a trailblazing addition to the MTB Grips line by renowned cycling experts, Ergon. This exciting product has been designed in partnership with Tahnée Seagrave and the elite Canyon FMD Racing Team - shaping a grip that caters to the needs of professional riders to facilitate peak performance.

The GFR1 impresses with a slim shape, designed explicitly for excellent feedback and control. Despite its streamlined form, the GFR1 boasts superior damping capabilities due to the ingeniously ribbed section beneath the palm. Feel the difference in every ride as this copyright design muffles vibrations and promotes sustained comfort, especially during longer excursions.

Furthermore, the carefully engineered lower grip zone is strongly pronounced, reducing the need for high gripping force when lifting the front wheel. This innovative design not only conserves your energy but optimises control for a superior riding experience. The slim inner stop aids in finding the perfect hand positioning and offers convenient shifter access - transforming the way you maneuver your bike.

One of the distinguishing features of the GFR1 is the high-strength alloy clamps. These are designed to prevent the grip from twisting – even on carbon handlebars - promising you a stable and assured grip in even the most challenging rides.

Experience exceptional comfort and control with the Factory version of the GFR1, offering tremendous grip and rebound properties. The grip sensation is soft, yet incredibly defined and precise, giving you a responsive and reliable ride every time.

Elevate your MTB experience with the Ergon GFR1 - a synthesis of expert design, innovative features, and extraordinary performance.

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