Happy Bottom Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Balm

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"Happy Bottom Bum ButterVegan Cycling Chamois Balm"


  • Totally chemical free,100% natural ingredients.
  • Pain relief from clove oil - pretty clever eh?
  • Vegetable glycerine and Egyptian geranium oil absorbs to lower dermis, all the way in to really repair your damaged skin.
  • Antiseptic and anti-bacterial with tea tree oil to stop you growing diseases in your shorts.
  • PET recyclable containers (you can make fleece jackets out of them)
  • Tested in the most demanding conditions... in my shorts, on @rseholes and not on animals.
  • Vegan as hell.
  • Female friendly, it won't make your girly bits zing.
  • Does not repel sharks or polar bears.
  • 100ml jar goes a very long way, around 7,000 miles.
  • Made in the UK

Available in 100ml pots, a bag of 16 x 10ml 'Butter Knobs' tester pots or a counter top display box containing 10 x 100ml and 16 x 10ml pots with free stickers!


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