Happy Bottom Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Balm

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Ensure everyday comfort on your cycling adventures with the Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Balm. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this premium petrochemical-free formula alleviates discomfort and ensures a smoother ride, every time.

Enjoy the beneficial properties of this unique blend, starting with the pain-relieving prowess of clove oil. To enhance skin restoration, vegetable glycerine and Egyptian geranium oil delve deep into your skin to repair damage and maintain a healthy dermis. With this chamois balm, you get long-term skin health and instant relief in a jar.

Stay safe and clean with the added protection from tea tree oil, boasting powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties to safeguard you from developing skin troubles. Not just exceptional in function, it's earth-friendly as well; resting in PET recyclable containers that sensibly reduce waste since they can be repurposed into helpful items, for example, fleece jackets.

More than protecting your skin, the Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Balm takes care of the rest of our flora and fauna by being vegan, cruelty-free, and fashioning a formula that does not attract predatory animals. Its gentle but powerful properties are suitable for both men and women, designed not to cause any discomfort to sensitive areas.

This truly reliable ally also promises a long-lasting use, with a 100ml jar that lasts approximately 7,000 miles. A product proudly made in the UK, available in 10ml tester pots or a countertop display box complete with free stickers for all cycling enthusiasts!

Enjoy a pain-free cycling experience with the Happy Bottom Bum Butter Vegan Cycling Chamois Balm – the ultimate choice for happy bottoms and happy cycling journeys.

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