ODI Elite Motion MTB Lock On Grips 130mm

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Experience elite level biking with ODI Elite Motion MTB Lock-On Grips 130mm. Renowned as standard gear for mountain bikers across the globe, ODI has once again elevated grip performance with their latest offering.

These grips are engineered from end to end to deliver every feature a racer could demand. They boast an offset grip design, thoughtfully created to provide padding exactly where it is needed most.

A key feature is the Variable Knurl Pattern; this innovative design ensures comfort and traction in the areas you need it most, enhancing your control and bike handling even in challenging terrains like a mountain trail or a steep downhill course.

ODI's updated version of their lock-on system, the New Single Clamp - Version 2.1 Lock-On System, promises secure grip installation, zero slip, and easy removal and replacement.

With the Pro Compound material used, these grips provide excellent shock absorption, enhancing comfort during your rides and minimising potential hand fatigue. Furthermore, the grips feature reinforced soft ends, adding to their overall durability and making them resistant to wear and tear, thereby extending their lifespan.

Despite offering a host of features, these grips maintain a super slim profile, making them aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for various hand sizes.

Define your biking experience with ODI Elite Motion MTB Lock-On Grips – because no two rides, whether mountain trails or city streets, should ever be the same.

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