Topeak Tri-Backup Tyre Bag

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Immerse yourself in the world of cycling knowing that you’re fully equipped with the Topeak Tri-Backup Tire Bag, your ultimate companion for those long, vaporous days of rigorous cycling. This piece of kit isn't just about carrying a spare tube, it's about safeguarding your equipment from the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays, which can take a toll on a tubular tire over time.

Our Tri-Backup Tire Bag has been thoughtfully engineered to offer premium defence against UV rays, ensuring your spare tubular tyre remains in pristine condition. Now, you have the confidence knowing that whenever a quick tyre replacement is needed, it's promptly accessible and still as good as new.

Moreover, the design of the tire bag isn't just about practicality and protection. When coupled with the Tri-Backup Pro V or Tri-Backup Pro I, it delivers on aerodynamic efficiency as well – because we understand that every little bit helps when you’re battling against the wind or racing against the clock.

Choose the Topeak Tri-Backup Tire Bag and commit to an unparalleled three-faceted cycling experience – maximum equipment protection, easy accessibility, and aerodynamic efficiency. Because nothing should compromise your ride.

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