Topeak Redlite Race

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Ensure optimum visibility on the road with the 'Topeak Redlite Race' - a compact, yet powerful bike tail light that offers excellent brightness in any situation. This meticulously designed product ensures your safety and enhances your cycling experience, no matter what time of day.

Whether you're cycling in the early morning mist, during the twilight hours or on a gloomy day, this meticulously engineered tail light shines brightly. With two super bright LED lamps integrated into its design, it enhances your visibility to other riders and motorists, making your journey safer.

Easy to attach, the Redlite Race tail light smoothly mounts to a post or seatstay, fitting seamlessly into your bike's design without posing a hindrance. It features versatile functionality, allowing you to set it to blinking or constant modes, depending on your needs and preference.

The compact dimensions of 7x3.6x3.8cm make it the perfect size for any bike, while the lightweight nature of this tail light, weighting only 37.6g ensures it won't weigh down your ride. It comes complete with CR2032 batteries, so it's ready for immediate use straight out of the box.

With an approximate burn time of 70-100 hours, you can rely on this long-lasting light to guide you for many rides to come. So, invest in the 'Topeak Redlite Race' and enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride.

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