Topeak CO2 Cartridges With Sleeve - 25g

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Prepare for the unexpected with the Topeak CO2 Cartridges With Sleeve. Being stranded with a flat tyre mid-ride can be a cyclist's worst nightmare but the 'Topeak CO2 Cartridges With Sleeve' ensures a quick and effortless solution. No pump, no problem!

Made specifically for Topeak inflators, these replacement cartridges provide rapid tyre inflation whenever you need it. An ideal companion for road cyclists and mountain bike riders, these cartridges ensure you're never caught out on a ride.

The set includes two high-quality 25g threaded CO2 cartridges, ready to restore your tyres' pressure in seconds. The larger 25g size equips you with enough pressure for larger volume tyres, making them a popular choice for mountain bikers or for inflating more than one tyre.

Alongside these, there's also a durable silicone sleeve. Acting as a protective cover, this sleeve helps reduce the risk of cold burns when using the cartridges, enhancing safety when you're on the go. The compact design of the CO2 cartridges and sleeve means they'll fit easily into your saddle bag, jersey pocket or backpack, ready for action whenever needed.

The Topeak CO2 Cartridges With Sleeve delivers not just convenience but assurance, offering a safety check for your cycling adventures. Remember, being prepared never goes out of style.

Keep riding further with Topeak. The trusted choice of cyclists around the world, delivering peace of mind and performance in one sleek package.

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