Weldtite Dirtwash Chain Cleaner Machine Plus 75ml Citrus Degreaser

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Introducing the Dirtwash Chain Cleaner Machine Plus 75ml Citrus Degreaser by Weldtite — an essential tool in every cyclist's garage!

This powerful cleaning solution comes with a chain-driven degreasing machine and a 75ml Citrus Degreaser. With a four-sided brush action, it ensures a comprehensive clean for all types of bicycle and motorcycle chains up to a maximum pin length of 8mm.

The key features are sure to impress:

  • A handy reservoir enables a direct application of the clean chain degreaser onto your chain, minimising mess and waste.
  • The derailleur anchor arm allows for hands-free operation, letting you concentrate on other tasks or relax while your chain gets a deep clean.
  • The strong chemical-resistant casing makes it a durable choice, ready to withstand regular use.
  • For your convenience, the machine comes with a transparent body and removable brushes, making it easy to check the cleaning process and perform maintenance when needed.

Prolong the life of your chains and enhance your cycling experience with the Dirtwash Chain Cleaner Machine Plus 75ml Citrus Degreaser.

Watch the video above to see the machine in action.

Keep it clean, keep it running, with the Dirtwash Chain Cleaner Machine. Brought to you by Weldtite.

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