Vredestein Tyre Sealant 250ml

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Vredestein tyre sealant reduces the chance of suffering a ride stopping puncture event to almost zero. It seals any gaps during first inflation and dries in contact with air leaks as they happen. The sealant acts as preventive protection against punctures and stops air being purged slowly by consistently coating the inside of the tyre as the wheel is in rotation. When the tyre has been pierced the damage is blocked up with a patented sealant resin, the filler remains in place and forms a permanent seal on the chamber. To ensure optimum results use the tire sealant on Tubeless Ready tires, also suitable for UST Tubeless tires. 

Advantages of the Vredestein tire and sealant system:
- Less risk of punctures
- No risk of pinch or "snakebite" punctures - caused when a tube is caught between tire & rim
- Tubeless systems offer less total weight compared to conventional tyres with tubes
- Less rolling resistance: due to the elimination of friction caused between tube and the tire.
- Improved traction / grip: as it is possible to ride with a reduced tire pressure, the grip improves
- The tire conforms to the shape of obstacles more easily


Road Bike Use 2x 40ml

Gravel Bike 2x 50ml

Mountain Bike (XC) 2x 60ml

Mountain Bike (Enduro) 2x 70ml

Mountain Bike (Downhill) 2x 80ml

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