Abus Granit Plus 470 UShackle Lock 230mm Gold Sold Secure

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Maximise your bike's security with the ABUS Granit Plus 470 UShackle Lock 230mm. Especially fitting for those high-value bicycles in high theft risk situations such as railway stations and city streets. An absolute essential for every bike enthusiast.

This superior U-Lock features ABUS Power Cell technology providing remarkable protection against malicious attempts to force the lock open by hitting or pulling. Crafted from premium, hardened steel, the shackle, body, and load-bearing components of the lock mechanism boast impressive resilience. Meanwhile, the Plus disc cylinder is meticulously designed to be pick-resistant, adding another layer of security.

With a reputation for excellence, the GRANIT™ Plus 470 is acclaimed worldwide, and holds approval from testing institutes across Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Shackle made of hardened 12mm parabolic steel
  • Enhanced protection against hits or pulls provided by ABUS Power Cell technology
  • Manufactured using specially hardened steel for the shackle, body, and load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism
  • Automatic cover design to protect the keyhole from contamination and corrosion
  • High-security USH 470 bracket system for easy transportation on round pipes (diameter of 15-35mm).
  • Gold rated security for high-risk settings

In terms of dimensions, it measures 230mm in height and 109mm in width, with a shackle width of 14mm. Despite its robust design, it weighs just 1260g, making it practical for everyday use. Setup and unlocking are simple and secure, thanks to the key locking mechanism.

Secure your peace of mind alongside your bike, choose ABUS Granit Plus 470 UShackle Lock 230mm, for an exceptionally reliable, gold standard in bike security.

ABUS Granit Plus 470 U-Shackle Lock 230mm (Gold Sold Secure)

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