Schwalbe Natural Bike Soap Kit

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Introducing, the ultimate concoction for modern bikers, the Natural Bike Soap Kit by Schwalbe. Designed and developed in Germany, it is the embodiment of both performance and green chemistry.

Keeping your bike fresh and clean has never been easier thanks to its superb cleaning and degreasing properties. This soap produces a high-foaming action that wraps up the dirt particles, effortlessly breaking them away from your bike without leaving any scratch behind.

This soap's formulation is a testament to environmental responsibility, offering 100% biodegradability according to OEMC standards. Dermatologically tested, this soap is free from any hidden nasties like microplastics. Its plant-based ingredients make it not only vegan-friendly but also kind to both your skin and bike.

Made to be long-lasting and efficient, a little soap goes a long way. Just a couple of lathers with a damp brush or sponge will tackle even the dirtiest of bikes.

Ensuring that during cleaning, neither coatings nor tyres are affected, the entire bike can be cleaned top-to-bottom with trust and confidence.

This kit also includes an aluminium box for soap storage, ensuring you can easily clean up post-wash and be ready for the next dirt adventure.

Embrace the eco-friendly journey while enjoying the highest performance with Schwalbe's Natural Bike Soap Kit.

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