Sigma Aura 45 Headlight w/hbar mount

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Designed for cyclists who prioritise both safety and efficiency, the 'Aura 45 Headlight w/hbar mount' from SIGMA provides exceptional visibility for your rides. Emitting a potent 45 lux, it brightens up four zones for up to 55 meters, ensuring you have a well-lit path regardless of the time or location.

The standout feature of this headlight is its integrated brightness sensor, which intelligently adjusts the light intensity based on ambient conditions. This automatic adjustment optimises burn time, making your cycling experiences smoother and worry-free.

This headlight boasts a burn time of 6.5 hours in standard mode, and a whopping 21 hours in Eco mode. Despite such enduring performance, it only takes 2.3 hours to return to full charge, thanks to the integrated micro USB charge functionality. It also has a two-stage battery/charge indicator for your convenience.

Other notable features include switch on protection - requiring a double click for ON - ensuring safety from accidental activation. Made with a 360-degree adjustable bracket, it allows for modified positioning suiting your preference. Despite its robust features, this headlight weighs just 88 grams, including its mount.

Moreover, it is built to last, resisting splashes and weather elements under the IPX4 standard. It can be easily removed and fitted without the need for tools, making it an excellent choice for regular riders.

Beyond practicality and durability, the increased side visibility makes it a versatile accessory, proving to be just as useful during city rides as off-road excursions.

The Aura 45 Headlight package comes with a USB cable for you to charge the device when needed. Invest in this compact and efficient headlamp and enhance the quality of your rides effortlessly.

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