Datatag UV Pro Cycle Marking System

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* **Security Identification Systems for Bicycles**At a time when interest in bikes is at its highest for many years, so unfortunately is bike theft, with over 500,000 cycles reported stolen each year. A figure which hides the true picture as over half of all cycles stolen are from homes, a crime listed as a burglary, and also many more go unreported.The increasing trend of breaking down modern high end bikes to sell on the components means protecting an entire bike, and not simply the frame, is vital in the fight against crime. This is where DATATAG, security experts already trusted to provide the technology behind many official industry schemes come in.The UV Stealth PRO system offers a multi-layered approach and allows owners to mark not just frames but also valuable components like forks, wheels, brake levers, derailleurs and bars providing complete protection - something unique to the market. Recent theft figures for all cycles marked with the new Datatag Stealth systems indicate a theft rate of just 0.5%. This is an incredible result as according to the police the historic average is 10%, with suggesting it's actually as high as 20%. The Police recover thousands of cycles each year but due to a lack of crime reporting and a lack of owner registration many are simply sold at police auctions and never returned to their rightful owners. A Datatag system will not only help deter theft but will also help in reuniting you and your bike if it is stolen and recovered, as it provides undeniable proof of ownership.The Datatag system offers premier identifiers combined with probably the most comprehensive database of its kind in the market today. Equally importantly, Datatag works with the Police to back up the product and provides free database access on a 24/7 basis as well as technical training. Owners of Datatagged cycles can also benefit from reduced premiums from some of the major insurers.Recent statistics show a Datatag protected cycle is 40 times less likely to be stolen!Protect your bike not just your frame. For cycle security there is only one choice.**The system includes the following state-of-the-art technology:****Stealth UV Etching**The Datatag System contains 4 UV stealth etches to permanently mark your frame and forks. The unique, almost invisible UV etching system forms a major part of the theft deterrent and subsequent identification. Permanently marking your cycle these stealth UV etches won't visibly mark your paintwork.**Datadots**Developed for ease of application these microscopic Datadots can be applied to any surface, thus making it virtually impossible for the criminals to locate and remove them all. The Datadots, held in a UV trace silicon glue, can be used to mark all your cycle components and accessories.**Ultimate TE Label**These specially designed Datatag tamper evident labels contain a unique cycle identification number and QR code. They warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without visibly damaging the sticker.**Circular Warning Label**These specially designed labels warn potential thieves that your cycle and components are protected by Datatag.

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