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Reach new performance heights with Clif Bar's Blok Energy Chews, your ideal ally for endurance sports. These delectable chews offer athletes an easy-to-absorb source of carbohydrates, the body's preferred form of fuel during physical activities. They come in two caffeine-infused flavours– Tropical Punch and Black Cherry– for that extra kick when you need it.

The beauty of these energy chews lies not only in their formulation but also in their convenience. The sleek, easy-to-carry FASTPAK makes fueling on-the-go a breeze. Each FASTPAK is home to six easy-to-chew bloks, equivalent to three Shot Gels. This caddy carries 18 packs, providing enough energy for several long workouts or races!

Wondering how to use Clif Bar Blok Energy Chews? Consume half a packet 15 minutes before your activity to give your blood sugar levels a boost. Follow that with 1-2 packets every hour during your activity. Remember to chase each consumption with a sip of water for flawless digestion.

Whether you're a cyclist, runner, mountain biker, triathlete, or an adventure racer, these energy chews are for you. Get the energy injection you need in a delicious, digestible format with the Clif Bar Blok Energy Chews–your new performance partner!

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