G-FORM Sleeve Patch Kit

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Here to extend the lifespan of your bike gear, the G-FORM Sleeve Patch Kit is perfect for a swift and effective repair of minor sleeve damages. Whether you've had a fall or noticed the fabric wearing thin, this kit is an affordable alternative to a complete replacement.This kit is user-friendly and easy to apply. Simply place the patch over the area of damage and use an iron to secure it. It comes with three patches, each measuring 3.5" x 3.5". The patches colour is a versatile black, seamlessly blending in with most bike gear.Please note this kit is designed for use on all G-Form sleeve products with the exception of E-Line and Pro-Rugged. It is not suitable for use on protective pads. Keep every bike adventure going – the G-Form Sleeve Patch Kit has your back (and your sleeves).

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