Clif Bar Builders

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Discover the Power-Packed Delight with CLIF Builder's Bars!

Packed with 20 grams of protein, the CLIF Builder's Bar is a mouth-watering, high-protein offering meticulously crafted for those requiring an extra protein kick to fuel their intensive workouts and support muscle growth and maintenance.

Steering clear of harmful hydrogenated oils and sugar alcohols, this bar uses discernible and savoury ingredients, fostering a delightful taste and a nutritional content that helps you meet your fitness goals.

  • High in Protein: Each bar offers a robust 20g of protein, essential for muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Rich in Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 aids in normal protein and glycogen metabolism, supporting your body's efficient use of energy.

Curious about CLIF Builder's Bar?

The CLIF Builder's Bar is not your average protein bar. With a unique blend of recognisable ingredients such as soya protein, tasty oats, nutritious nuts, creamy peanut butter, and aromatic cocoa, every bite is an explosion of taste that satiates your taste buds and aids your fitness journey.

What's the most convenient time to consume the CLIF Builder's Bar? Most beneficial after a workout, this bar is your quick, nutritious source of protein that helps replenish muscle energy and revive your body.

Perfect for any fitness enthusiast, the CLIF Builder's Bar comes in a convenient caddy containing 12 bars, making it your perfect fitness buddy, both on-the-go or at home, helping you recover faster and perform better.

Get your hands on the CLIF Builder's Bar and experience the perfect blend of taste, nutrition, and convenience today!

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