OnGuard K-9 Link Plate Key Lock 750mm

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Unleash your peace of mind with OnGuard's K-9 Link Plate Key Lock. This 750mm lock offers dependable security and flexibility, making it an indispensable companion to your daily rides. Ensuring safety for your bike, it combines the strength of a U-lock with the adaptability of a cable lock. This outstanding design is crafted to deter thefts while serving ease of use.

The K-9 is engineered with armoured steel plates that exhibit robustness to withstand the harshest conditions. It features OnGuard's impenetrable Z-Cylinder, guaranteeing resistance against picking, pulling, and drilling. This unique design makes it ideal for securing your bicycle's frame and wheels to a bike rack, pole, or any sturdy object.

What makes the K-9 Link Plate Lock even more appealing is the space-saving attribute. Even with its extended length, it remains remarkably compact when folded, making it an effortless fit into your daily life. Conveniency is complemented with a specially designed mounting bracket that attaches seamlessly to most bike tubes, thus ensuring easy transportation.

Secure your wheels with OnGuard’s ingenious K-9 Link Plate Key Lock.

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