Sendhit Scratch Cover, Fork Stanchion Repair Kit

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Ensure your bike maintains its gold standard with the exceptionally versatile Scratch Cover, Fork Stanchion Repair Kit from SENDHIT. Crafted specifically for mountain biking enthusiasts, this premium repair kit effortlessly eliminates scratches, rejuvenates the smooth appearance of fork stanchions and ensures your suspension performance isn't compromised.


  • Comprised of ultra-durable epoxy resin for a robust, long-lasting repair
  • Ensures simple, precise application for optimal results
  • Guaranteed to leave no residue or marks on the fork stanchion
  • Kit provides sufficient resin for up to 5 comprehensive repairs
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go transportation
  • Compatible with all stanchion types, including forks, rear shocks and dropper posts.

Even the most advanced forks aren't immune to scratches. A damaged stanchion could wear out faster, impacting the bike's overall structure and compromising performance, leading to excessive friction, compromised seals and potential dirt accumulation. These issues may result in substantial repair costs, poor performance and a decrease in your bike's value.

The Scratch Cover, Fork Stanchion Repair Kit from SENDHIT eliminates these issues, extending your bike's lifespan, maintaining optimum suspension performance and saving on costly repairs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Scratch Cover, Fork Stanchion Repair Kit is designed to repair surface scratches. In case of a bent plunger, please contact your supplier's after-sales service, and refrain from using your affected bike.

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